Get Involved


Help us by fundraising. If you wish to get involved in fundraising please contact us.We welcome any activity that will raise funds. If youthink yo can help, let us know here.


Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world, gain new experiences and training, see new career possibilities, do something different, get away from the normal grind, be adventurous, share your faith, or have you always had a secret desire to see Africa? We can help you achieve any and all of those goals.


We always need support. Successful businesses can help us financially in a way in ways that the average family couldn’t. Companies that partner with Maasai Children Education projects and programme get the opportunity to touch lives profoundly and to show thw values that drive them.


We accept varieties of donations to support those most in need of our services.


We cannot continue our work without your support. Please consider giving a donation, no matter how great or small, it all makes a difference. 100% of funds we receive go to where they are most needed.

Your support makes all the difference. Thank you for your interest and generosity.


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